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Teaching Philosophy



Welcome to my English teaching brain! My priority is to create an environment where you feel comfortable, respected, and free to open up and take risks. Here, you won't feel judged, but admired for your bravery in taking the first step forward, and  dedication to learning a new language.

I believe that effective language learning begins with understanding information, before creation. Inspired by Stephen Krashen's model, I focus on providing you what you need for where you are at your current language ability. I also consider Krashen's affective filter hypothesis, which emphasizes the importance of emotions and psychological elements in language learning. Feeling relaxed and confident is crucial to your success.

I create classes where enjoyment and genuine interest in what we're doing are not just for your pleasure alone, but are recognized as being critically linked to your ability to learn, and not forget it. Engaging your brain in a stimulating and memorable way helps information stay more permanently and understand it more instinctively. So, our lessons are always novel and curiosity-driven. At the same time, we will develop patterns from the very beginning, recognizing and producing them in strings of fluid communication. This ability to notice, observe, and create patterns is central to becoming a successful language learner.

With profound knowledge of pedagogy and language teaching (as well as learning myself), I use both very detailed analysis, while also maintaining a holistic perspective on the bigger overall goal. We keep communication at the center. We keep the fire of motivation burning very strong to keep that fascination with English always driving us forward.

Language learning is not an isolated event but a comprehensive activity that requires many different perspectives. Together, we will create a complete new language persona, integrating all aspects of learning to ensure your success.

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