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Six Month "Expansion" Curriculum

Description:  This option, in many ways, is a brave choice.  When you commit to half a year, we're making a promise to each other to go into something profound.  A language is like an ocean.  There are many islands you can explore and learn about.  With a 6 month commitment, you're going to understand much more.  We'll look into many aspects of the language, and you'll come out genuinely knowing, not assuming or guessings, that you are holding your language understanding in your hands, ready for whatever might come to you.

Month 1: Advanced Grammar and Complex Structures

  • Week 1: Review of advanced grammar; introduction to subjunctive and conditional moods.

  • Week 2: Complex sentence structures for academic and professional writing.

  • Week 3: Nuanced uses of tense and aspect for sophisticated expression in speaking and writing.

  • Week 4: Grammar integration through complex real-life simulations and role-plays.

Month 2: Deep Dive into Vocabulary and Idiomatic Expressions

  • Week 1: Sector-specific vocabulary (business, medical, technical) for professional fluency.

  • Week 2: Idiomatic expressions and slang; their usage in different contexts.

  • Week 3: Phrasal verbs and collocations; exercises to integrate them into everyday language.

  • Week 4: Vocabulary challenges and quizzes to reinforce retention and usage.

Month 3: Mastery in Listening and Advanced Comprehension

  • Week 1: Strategies for understanding diverse accents and rapid speech.

  • Week 2: Analytical listening practices using podcasts, news, and academic lectures.

  • Week 3: Interactive listening sessions with feedback to refine comprehension and response strategies.

  • Week 4: Evaluating spoken content for subtleties and implied meanings.

Month 4: Sophisticated Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Week 1: Public speaking skills development; constructing and delivering persuasive speeches.

  • Week 2: Advanced discussion techniques, including negotiation and persuasion in professional settings.

  • Week 3: Accent reduction workshops focusing on intonation patterns and stress timing.

  • Week 4: Live debates and panel discussions on fascinating topics to foster dynamic speaking abilities.

Month 5: Advanced Reading and Critical Thinking

  • Week 1: Reading complex texts including classical literature and technical reports.

  • Week 2: Critical analysis of texts; understanding argument structure, biases, and rhetorical strategies.

  • Week 3: Speed reading techniques and comprehension tests.

  • Week 4: Group discussions and presentations on read materials to enhance understanding and interpretation.

Month 6: Integrative Writing and Research

  • Week 1: Advanced writing tasks such as research papers and thematic essays.

  • Week 2: Editing and proofreading workshops to perfect writing style and clarity.

  • Week 3: Synthesizing information from multiple sources into coherent documents.

  • Week 4: Capstone project: comprehensive research paper or presentation involving all learned skills.

Psychological Components Integrated Throughout:

  • Ongoing: Regular mindfulness and stress-relief exercises tailored to language learning.

  • Bi-monthly: Workshops on learning strategies, memory techniques, and motivation maintenance.

  • Continuous: Individual counseling sessions to overcome language learning anxiety and build confidence.


This six-month curriculum not only advances language skills across all critical areas but also prepares learners for professional success and personal satisfaction in using their new language skills. By the end of the program, students will have a profound mastery and confidence in using the language in a variety of challenging and everyday contexts.

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