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Examples of Packages and Possible Study Plans

All study plans are made individually, for the needs of the student or group.

The schedule is also totally adjustable for each class.

Tiered Educational Packages

Some Tests We Can Prepare for

I also help students prepare for language tests and achieve desired proficiency levels by creating personalized study plans, providing targeted resources, and offering ongoing support to ensure continuous progress.


A Sample Schedule

A sample two-hour ESL class, with a structure that balances various skills and keeps students engaged.

Here's a sample:

  1. Warm-up and Review (20 minutes): Quick activities to review previous lessons or introduce the day's topic.

  2. New Vocabulary and Grammar (30 minutes): Introduce new words and grammatical structures, using interactive methods.

  3. Listening and Speaking Practice (30 minutes): Activities like watching a short video and discussing it or role-playing based on the day's lesson.

  4. Reading and Writing (20 minutes): Engage with a short article or write responses to prompts.

  5. Wrap-up and Homework Assignment (10 minutes): Review key points and assign homework.

a 10-minute break in the middle helps keep students refreshed.

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