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One Week "Ignition" Curriculum

Objective: This can also be a trial week, or a way to continue forward on a weekly basis.  This would also be an intense option as there is less time.  Again, I'll give you a lot of information and ways in which you work a lot on your own time through the many tools I'll give you to think about your language growth, but we'll also work together during class to have more certainty of the thoroughness with which you're learning the materials.  You can of course choose to later take more classes also.

Day 1: Introduction and Basics

  • Morning Session (2 hours): Introduction to the course, overview of the week's objectives, and an ice-breaker activity to assess language skills.

  • Afternoon Session (2 hours): Basic grammar structures and essential vocabulary, tailored to the student's current level and goals.

Day 2: Listening and Speaking Focus

  • Morning Session (2 hours): Listening exercises using various media (audio clips, videos) to identify words, phrases, and context.

  • Afternoon Session (2 hours): Speaking practice through structured dialogues and role-plays, focusing on pronunciation and fluency.

Day 3: Reading and Vocabulary Enhancement

  • Morning Session (2 hours): Reading comprehension activities using short articles, focusing on scanning for information and vocabulary inference.

  • Afternoon Session (2 hours): Vocabulary building exercises, including word formation and usage in context.

Day 4: Writing and Grammar Reinforcement

  • Morning Session (2 hours): Writing short paragraphs with specific scenarios, focusing on coherence, grammar accuracy, and style.

  • Afternoon Session (2 hours): Intensive grammar workshop to tackle common errors and complex structures relevant to the student’s needs.

Day 5: Practical Application and Review

  • Morning Session (2 hours): Integrating all language skills through a comprehensive project or presentation, allowing students to apply what they've learned in a practical context.

  • Afternoon Session (2 hours): Review session, feedback, and strategy discussion for continuing language development beyond the course.

This curriculum is designed to maximize the learning outcome in a short time, giving students a powerful boost in language competence. Each session includes interactive elements to keep the learning dynamic and engaging, along with personalized feedback to ensure progress.

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