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"Launchpad" Single Session Curriculum

Objective: This would be either a trial run, or a very intense session in which I'll give you a lot of information and ways in which you can you can then work a lot on your own time through the many tools I'll give you to think about your language growth.  You can of course choose to later take more classes also.

Duration: 2 hours


  1. Initial Assessment and Needs Analysis (15 minutes)

    • Quick discussion to understand the student's immediate needs and objectives.

    • Assessment of current language level focusing on the areas of interest or difficulty specified by the student.

  2. Customized Lesson on Targeted Topic (50 minutes)

    • Option A: Grammar Intensive - Focus on complex grammatical structures the student finds challenging.

    • Option B: Pronunciation and Speaking - Intensive pronunciation drills and speaking practice on pre-selected or student-requested topics.

    • Option C: Vocabulary Building - Techniques to expand vocabulary, including context usage and mnemonic devices.

    • Option D: Practical Language Use - Role-playing exercises for real-life scenarios like interviews, meetings, or everyday conversations.

  3. Interactive Practice (40 minutes)

    • Engage the student with interactive activities that reinforce the lesson's focus. This could involve conversation practice, interactive quizzes (using platforms like Kahoot!), or writing short responses based on prompts.

  4. Feedback and Strategy Development (15 minutes)

    • Provide detailed feedback on the student’s performance during the session.

    • Offer strategies and resources for continued independent learning, tailored to the student’s specific challenges and goals.


End the session by summarizing key points covered and recommending next steps for the student to take to further enhance their language skills based on the session's findings. Encourage them to book follow-up sessions if they seek deeper exploration of other topics or continuous improvement in their language abilities.

This focused session is designed to maximize the utility of the single meeting by concentrating on immediate needs, delivering personalized instruction, and equipping the student with tools and strategies for ongoing improvement.

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